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We are more than just mountains and clouds

We are more than just mountains and cloudswe are destined for loftier thingswe are the star children of our ancestors’ dreamsMy ancestors’ progeny led to me and I release the cords of oppressionand embrace the web of collective liberationA rocking boat in a tidal wave of ideasrealizations and undeniable truthsWe find ourselves knocking on Poseiden’s […]


I awoke always first, sustenance to the little loved one next a quiet moment stillness She purrs in contentment coffee glides down like liquid love Thanks be to time which gifted these moments Findings and workings of history gave us right now Grateful Breathing Morning sentiments

Soap Boxing

When I see things like: If you were born in the US or Canada, you were born with a “winning lottery ticket”, I automatically assume that person is either white, rich and white, or just rich and without realizing their painting with a DAMN broad brush… I came across as site like this today and […]


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Anita Lorraine Moore
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Hey y’all, it’s me. I’m grateful you’re here.

As a musician, artist, teacher, poet, professional rabblerouser, I’m here to make the world a better place than I found it.

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