Op-ed to local newspapers, Times News, out of Burlington, NC.

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Stand Up Alamance County - The Time Has Come

In a time where the future of this country is unknown, there is something to celebrate. In North Carolina, thousands of people have connected their personal lives to the disparity of others. There is a rising awareness that our lives are intrinsically connected to that of our neighbors, our friends, our families, and even people we disagree with. Never has there been in our recent history a more important time to be a North Carolinian. We face, together, trials and tribulations that will create for us a need to ask the question, “What can I do, what SHOULD I do to make this world I live in a more safe, healthy, and just community?” We feel the effects of poverty all around us. Our jobs have been lost, we are seeing people around us die and suffer from inadequate access to healthcare, education is being privatized and public funding put…

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Tonight, I am watching this documentary.  I am reminded that none of you will have to endure this type of violence to fight for your rights and your lives.  Please remember this when you think that time is too limited, that life is too complex to fight for injustice.  Remind yourselves that you are standing on the shoulders of Giants, brave men and women who truly had their lives to lose – that your work is a reflection in these pools of history. If you do not continue the work of our ancestors, our future may drown in inequality, proliferation of poverty and war and the corruption of OUR democracy. Sending my thanks for your dedication DM students, here’s to a challenging and beautiful Spring semester. http://video.pbs.org/video/1925571160/

Practicing: understanding “how to make love stay”.  Making sure I step on-board and run to the back where the bumps are.
Searching out actively the hearts in everything and the rough patches through the woods.
Living and non-living and radiating alike, Grinning and ho-humming along.
That smile, a sunbeam through the clouds on a gloomy day of a weary sailor.
That smile, a moonbeam into the backseat window of a ’51 Chevy, on the crown of a little girl who loves to stare through the hole in the floor.

Didn’t take my new baby cause she won’t fit in any box I have.  Took her in mind.  I have her resonator in mind.
Accumulating pebbles in my pocket and ideas in my head to play on her when I get home.  Thank you rocks.
Home is here, with the theatrical, sappy woman on the intercom.  Her voice is soothing, in a giggle-plex sort of way.

The snow on the mountains was sitting so calmly as if to say, “Don’t wait, melting is inevitable!”

“Be happy” is what is on my mind, and if I’m lucky I won’t be thinking that at all!