Dear Defenders of the Land and Idle No More,

I’m a grad student and work for a national non-profit (Democracy Matters) in North Carolina, in the US. I stand in solidarity with your work and with Idle No More. My heart hurts when I hear of the continued struggle to maintain treaties that are constantly broken, the poverty that engulfs Indigenous people across this land. From “Canada” to “Mexico” and further into South America… this has been a time of turmoil since the landing of Columbus and the attempt to ” rid the land of the problem” of Indigenous people has never stopped. I understand a lifetime of broken promises and physical, sexual, and mental abuse. Women should be able to protect their children rather than protect the perpetrators.  They should be able to feel strong enough to stand on their own two feet to say NO.  Poverty and an exploitative political/economic system breeds this type of violence against women and children, and against ourselves (worse than just the excuse “this has been going on since humans began” which is NOT so). The capitalist system is at its heart exploitative and reaches deep into our hearts to convince us of its legitimacy, making us all violent, our men helpless and aggressive, and our women complacent and cowering, even when we know it is wrong and we should be strong and fight.  Poverty breeds alcoholism and substance abuse, the need to mentally escape because reality is just too hard to face. Poverty breeds contempt and heart disease and capitalism is fueling the downfall of the Earth. We are watching the greatest catastrophe unfold before our eyes.

Since the 60s and AIM (American Indian Movement) and Civil Rights movement, the US has realized that the BIGGEST threat to the corporatocracy and elitist control is the realization that we are ALL in this together. Poor, elderly, Indigenous, minority, imprisoned, you name it. Their biggest fear is that we ALL come together and realize that we are being manipulated into blaming each other for being poor and not blaming the true responsible parties. We’ve been told to look horizontally, not vertically.

Rekindling the flame of AIM and the anti-war and civil rights movement of the 60’s cannot only be done by informing people of what is actually happening on the ground (they turn their heads and ignore if they have their own bread and milk to eat). Our media is controlled by 3 or 4 companies, we’ll NEVER get any truth from them, be it about Israel and Palestine, drones, Tar Sands, Occupy Wall St, Indigenous rights etc. This is a systemic problem. We must make this a campaign of shedding light on the wrongdoings AND ACTING thoughtfully and skillfully towards our goal – unhinging the goal of money from our hearts and wrapping ourselves in our communities and families and homes and shared interests as THE MAJORITY, non-violent, all of us human with the right to stand up and say NO MORE!

Stealing lands, enslaving millions, and imprisoning millions  is what rich, white people have been doing (by force, murder, rape, slavery, and then moving on to broken treaties and making their stealing legal) for several hundreds of years. All the while, justifying it for the sake of PROGRESS. This is no progress. The pipeline is no progress, it is regression and degradation of this planet to the Nth degree. Photo I took of this poster on the NY subway.

Photo I took of this poster on the NY subway.
Photo I took of this poster on the NY subway.

I am but one person drowning in an ocean of manufactured ignorance and consent in this country – people who choose to ignore the problem, those who don’t know there is a problem and to those who know and feel totally overwhelmed by it’s magnitude and feel helpless. We’ve all been lied to and had our lives stolen from us. There are others like me who feel the same – and we are working together to change things – although we are moving too slowly. At this point, I think it will take a hell of a lot more poverty, struggle, and exposing the true culprits of our plights to get anyone who isn’t politically motivated to realize that they are living in a political world – that ALL of this affects them. Some distinct parts of this country may know about this systemic problem, Idle No More, and Defenders of Land, but the VAST MAJORITY of people do not know about this (or have been kept from or lied to about it) and I hope that the word will continue to spread. Your campaign is wonderful and I have forwarded it to everyone I know, twice.

Tonight I will light a fire and hope my smoke reaches you.

I feel like I start over

every time I begin.

Words are merely words

inside, paper-thin.

I’m lost inside these pages

knowing not where I fit.

Having trouble, no excitement

where once there was a bonfire, now lies only a pit.

Attempting to start another flame

after the core’s been extinguished,

takes a skill I’ve been lacking,

feeling lost and languished.

Yet, as I sit with this mountain above me,

sometimes it feels like it’s on top.

I am reminded of a little Hobbit

whose future, he knew not.

Yet he helped to slay a dragon

a nasty hoarder of treasure and gold.

I may yet help slay the new beast

a dank system of exploitation and sadness untold.

I look forward sometimes to the fight,

but mostly toward the victory.

Knowing full well any fulfillment

will start in my soul’s understanding of my own history.IMG_2069

In North Carolina, we were just denied $10,000,000,000 by our governor, Pat McCrory.

March 5, 2013
“Today behind closed doors, a smiling governor signed a bill that blocks Medicaid expansion in North Carolina… McCrory denied health insurance to half a million North Carolinians – health insurance that would have been paid for 100% by the federal government for three years and 90% by the federal government thereafter.”Image

This is absolutely ridiculous.  We didn’t get to vote on whether or not we needed that money for health care!  While alienating his constituencies, McCrory has created a hostility between the poor and his cabinet – raising their salaries (because he felt they weren’t paid enough vs. the private sector!)

The bridge between the rich and the poor is wider than it has ever been.  See this video:

We need to recall this governor.  I think we need to change NC.  Private money and corporate billions created a rift in this state this election year (and before) that enabled people like McCrory, not interested in helping to mend this rift but to only widen it, to ruin our state; to make life that much more difficult for the working people who are the backbone of society.  Stealing from us with budget cuts all the while spending billions of subsidies to corporations, while wealthy individuals and those corporations are making millions from tax loopholes!

We need working people protections.  We need opportunity for the poor and shrinking middle class. We need leaders who KNOW what it is to be POOR AND HAVE NO VOICE IN THE POLITICAL GAME.  People who understand that voting isn’t the ONLY way a person can have their voice heard in the government. The only way we can do this is to call for public financing of elections in NC.  What does that mean? See below for details: Image

This is an old version of this information.  NOW the info about how much $ was spent and favors that are provided ARE EVEN WORSE and DRASTICALLY MORE. Let’s get $ out of politics and recall McCrory.

Here’s a video of a song by Lupe Fiasco, some fine, political hip-hop:

Phil Cheney has created a draw-ering of one of my favorite humans, Ransom Hobbes. The Gorilla showcased up-top is one that belonged to Ransom and after he passed was given to me in remembrance. Ransom is one reason why I started to write, record, and play music. Thank you For creating this Philly, much love to the guitar pants, too.

Dynamic Art Gallerie

BillyWilliamRansomHobbesStarBunnyArts for and on a Monday. Billy William “Ransom” Hobbes, featuring Hobbes the Gorilla and Ahhh Lee! Star Bunny: Float the Cosmic Sea!

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I am sitting here in the General Store of Saxapahaw.. most likely only a few days from the beginning of my Moon.. I know this because I am crying and sniffling out of nowhere.  Roy Orbison came on the speaker set and I started slightly bawling.

The next song was Under The Boardwalk

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I say, “JEEZ! What is UP with the radio station today???”

I just found this on the internet. I’m going to look for hearts again today.

I must eat my yummy omelet and then go for a jog.  Outside.  Because it’s beautiful.

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I know why all these songs are making me nostalgic, I used to sweep and mop the floor at my first job (Angelo’s Italian Restaurant) for hours to an amazing oldies station…   Forever ’til the end of time……….

On this day in history, 5 minutes ago I was crying, now I’m bopping my head.   That’s what happened.  So there.   Also, there’s a 50% chance I ate at Skids Drive In on this day in history.