I’m honored to serve you.

Ethical Guidelines:

By purchasing any of my services, please note that you have read and agree to these ethical guidelines. 

It is my honor to read for you (or perform your marriage!) and I take this responsibility seriously. When I am working with you, you have my complete attention and focus.  I use real cards, not electronic.  I do not simply read from a book, though I do sometimes refer to specific references for emphasis.  It is my intention to give to you an authentic, from the heart, reading.

You can rest assured that you are in a safe space to share without judgement and I vow to maintain your privacy.  Confidentiality is paramount in any listening I do or guidance I give.

My services are welcome to any and all human beings irregardless of your creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, belief systems, etc.  

By confirming your appointment with me, you acknowledge your are 18 or over.   

 Tarot readings and mentoring are to be used as personal development and growth and are not a replacement for professional psychological, medical, legal advice, etc.