were your parents loving, faithful, and held you tight when you were scared

or were you alone for a while, to think over what you’d learned

did the music start in the dark or in the light of day

does it come from your heart, or the piano that sits in the shade

is there a muse who whispers in your ear

silly nothings that become something when you shed a tear

can you really see through someone

or something that troubles you or makes you smile

relying on intuition to know what’s right or what will take a thousand miles

the trees outside sit still in the Summer’s lack of breeze

but like a microburst of strength and divinity

a million waves came though and tore away all the leaves

all the shades, all the loose branches, all the sturdy homes, all the questions

all the rainstorms and sets of eyes closed to affection


I’ll stand aside and watch from an old creaky window, if only for a while

I’ll be sure to climb underneath the house, down to the cellar if there’s a need to cry

I’ll take these dreams to bed and wake up with them in the morning

The ones that recur, the ones that make me sweaty, the ones that are circular in design

Reminded of and smiling about how time quickly passes

There are no chances, only happenings for sets of eyes to openPhoto1 (1)