I am unfurling from a seed, with tiny leaves of green

New veins of life reaching towards the sun

I see roses and black-eyed Susans sitting in the window

Beyond the pane, clouds and humidity linger

I am uncurling from a past position, building a heartbeat

Regeneration of appreciation in this situation, getting out of my seat.

To my left, a sleeping grandmother, to my right a sleeping grandfather

The ancients among us, the rituals of long times passed.

The stories we’re woven from and will shoot from our hips

In an instant.

Our bellies prepare for dancing, our mind for the breaking fog

for exploring within it.

Within fog is clarity in the mind’s eye

Come and sit next to me

hold my hand and give me your ears

I will give you my story and you’ll give me yours

Our trains may pass in the night,

but I can still smell the memories we’re going to create.

The luscious, delicious lore.

This is what happens when you say yes.

Say yes. Say yes. Say yes.

Strength and Weakness YES Bongo Loose(art by Peter Loose and words/drawing I found on the interwebs)