Never felt the river as wide as it feels right now

The winds carve their names into my bones

Every sound could be you

Every light could be you

Every moment

I miss you

I wish words could exit my mouth

Silence, my only utterance

Unnamable you are, I cannot see what you see

Up there in your divine candlelight,

do you miss me? Your child? Your love?

At times you are right here

Right now, I cannot find you

Walked for hours

Sat on flat, dead trees

Stood on bridges

Sweat in a wooden box

Retraced my steps

Yet, words failed me

Only tears escape

I miss you,

god and your creation mirror of me

Please allow the sun another day

To follow this lonesome night on my knees

Sup y’all. Thought I’d share a side-project to have fun with poetry and photos. It’s a new Insta blog called SeenFunThingsIHave ~ I love on the spot poetry. Share if you dig. xoxo

(Continued from previous post.)

If you enjoyed these, there’ll be more soon @seenfunthingsihave on Instagram!:

Dear Humans,  Life has thrown some curveballs.  I am taking a hiatus from TuesDayNewsDay and weekly Tuesday music video series.  Once I get my mental and physical health back on track, I’ll resume this very fulfilling part of my life.

My body is suffering from having so many responsibilities and my unhealthily handling of them.  Teaching, organizing, album recording, moving (finally over), therapy, political activism (mandatory travel included), the loss of a dear friend and navigating the weird place I am now with my grandparents, etc have all taken precedence over healthy habits I thought I’d successfully incorporated.  My body had been fighting a staph infection for over a month, finally finished with that *fingers crossed*.  Now my right back and chest muscles are so tight my ribs can’t move while I breathe.  Deep breaths are painful!

On that note – breathe Anita.  Do your best.  You’ve come a long way.  One day at a time.

Catching up on grading students’ work and catching up on my Democracy Matters interns’ are very important, but so is stretching in the morning and practicing a self-care routine.  Pepita and I are going to have to chill.   Love y’all.  See ya all of a sudden.