Alarm, ceiling, bed, eyes, open.

Floor, feet, muscles in my arms.

Thoughts, morning.


Awake, bed, half-awake in my pajamas. (Not Frog Pajamas)

Wander, tea or coffee.  Wonder-Tea. Awake.  Really awake awake awake awake.

Phone, Tom, Yes to Way the hell out there Visit – needs for comradarie.


2nd try eggs, day 1, tomorrow not today

Jazz, ears, stomach, full.

Tin can information, static signal capture, idea, problem, fixed.

Newness, old song, learning, to teach, melody.


Exit Tom, grandmother and Phil, ears, Love.

Bathing trousers, car, Green River and string.

Tom Robbins, passing dirt-road traffic and red underpair.

Float, water, tied, sigh, smile.


Owl visit, swoop, heart salad.

Eyes, ears, longing, fly.

Stare, window, green, hoot.




Just saw two bicyclists pulled over on 88 headed to Albany from Ithaca. They (the bikers) had GIANT American flags strapped to their backs. The trooper looked pissed, flailing his Bear arms and the cyclists had their jaws agape. This is the perfect opportunity for a song.

Grandmother gangster, bearing down the interstate, don’t care how much it is or long it takes. I’m gonna pedal down this highway, the land of gas and double axels, gonna run til old Smokey and his crew of sirens are off my American flag covered trail!


Acoustic stage performance in front of all my friends and Family in NC: check.  Two open mic sets at the Our Fest: check.  Two performances at the Our Fest in Sherman, NY, one of which featuring Christopher Yarrow (Lovechild of Peter, Paul and Mary) on the washtub bass: check.  One in-house presentation of Somewhere Over the Rainbow in Pittsford, NY (outside Rochester): check.  Singing along with Baby Gramps in Ithaca, NY: check.  Singing with Tom Woodbury this Saturday in Brattleboro: on the books!  Pictures to come!

Headed back to THIS magical place!!