Stream of Consciousness Shape of the Wind

 Loving Kindness

Love and Kindness

How much can you wish for others

How much can you allow for yourself?

Can you emanate this every moment

Each fleeting gust of wind

We can only guess the shape as it blows across the myriad


I weep at millions of butterflies

You’re beaten with ashes in your eyes

Beaten to laughter and bars of soap

Wondering if what you’ve seen is a joke


The submerged within shows herself

Singing of the rippling of waters and liquid potential of friends


I have rawness coursing through me

Tapping in is craving the connection and then doing something


I wish I was with you, not just a fly on the wall

To be your sounding board, to watch you as you fall

Asleep in my embrace, your warm breathe I could trace

Across your skin, your ears, your lips

I would dream of us sailing ships

Into a harbor where the water ripples with spirits and tadpoles

Where the sacred is forever learning to flow




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