Our Anchor and Our Wind

I was just blessed with the presence of a dear community neighbor and friend. We had the blessing of 10 minutes together to catch up as she was on her way. We are both the goofiest of types, funny and funny looking. ;P We are both artists and struggle with being misunderstood often – and often those misunderstandings stem directly from our empathetic, intuitive spirits. We are both impressionable, yet strong-willed, sensitive, yet tough as nails.

As we were sitting and talking, we discussed our current elations and challenges. The way we speak to each other is so refreshing. If you know me at all, you know that I don’t do small talk and sometimes I even tend to disassociate/drift off in the middle of a conversation. I’ve definitely frustrated some people with this tendency. I’m often thinking of a hundred things and focusing is not my strong suit. I’m noticing the blue birds squabbling with each other over the female who just flitted by. I’m noticing the shadows of the leaves on the shimmering water of the creek. I’m noticing how wet my toes are inside my supposedly waterproof boots. I’m thinking of the next poem I’m writing in my mind. All the while I am most definitely engaging with you and enjoying the energetic exchange of your presence. If I love you, I’m dreaming up 10,000 ways to show you I care.

I think my friend also experiences the same in her life. We are both artists at heart, both share some traumatic life events, resiliency, and are both doing our damndest to live our lives in the moment while still holding onto sanity. We often are both sometimes considered annoying or airheads by those who don’t understand us.

Alas! We beg to differ! She said something sweet and insightful. It has influenced my thinking about self-ridicule in these moments: When “other people” have given me the impression (whether in words or behavior) that my goofy nature is dumb or annoying, I must remember that I am often embodying the archetype of the fool. She told me that Shakespeare very often wrote the “fool” of the story as the most grounded, insightful and thoughtful person in the story. To which I added, “…and the Hobbits saved Middle Earth.” 😉

My favorite Tolkien character: Samwise Gamgee. He always made me cry because I felt him. Forever optimistic, forever sensitive, forever underestimated.

“About the Fool Archetype:

The Fool is often seen in stories alongside the King or Ruler. In these stories, the Fool’s job is to deflate the ego of the Ruler – and to say (in jest) what needs to be said, but no-one else is willing to say out loud. The Fool is protected – and has a special role – above the politicking and machinations of ‘court’. The Fool is clever and wise, speaks the truth and challenges authority – but softens the blow with humour. Finally, the Fool is resilient – not caring what other people think, laughing at life’s difficulties and challenges, and getting back up – again and again – after being knocked down. In current culture our political satirists and comedians are often the Wise Fools.” (https://www.thecoachingtoolscompany.com/10-ways-to-use-the-fool-archetype-to-create-success-in-your-life/)

All that said, your sensitivity, intuition, optimism, goofiness, giggles, dreamy status can be both your Anchor and your Wind. (New song of this concept I am sure to follow… “The Anchor and The Wind”)

Love y’all. Keeping dreaming. Question rules.

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