Vitamin D and Double Bacon

I’m sitting in the sun right now, just about to have breakfast for … lunch at 3:20ish.  All food being cooked to order in a place called Breakfast Bum.  This means I will have bacon twice in one day.  That is good news.Mmmm Hmmm

Last night, reunited with my darling girlfriend from my time in Vermont.  Recently I’d decided to change the course of the capstone/thesis program I am working on.  She was in the same program and it was great to talk about that with her, share with her the passions that led to this change of heart and direction.  Realizing that I have no choice, this path is choosing me just as much as I may have any agency or authorship over the situation.. great concept.   So that was in DC, I arrived last night late in from the excellent presentation at the University of Mary Washington.  The couch I slept on was comfortable and this morning I felt somewhat refreshed, but if you remember, I was up late last night blogging and thinking – so my 5.5 hours of sleep felt a little more like 3 than I wanted them to.

It took me 30 minutes to get out of DC metro area, JEEEZ what traffic.  I got lost several times, turned around is more like it.  Also, I had no cash and the guy at the toll booth chuckled at me and told me they’d mail it to me.  That made me laugh too.  I’m glad he was a jolly old man instead of a grumpy old codger.  🙂

The drive to Salisbury to meet my student at Salisbury University was BEAUTIFUL.  I found an old diner called Holly’s, I wrote some post cards, and ate bacon and eggs with a surprisingly yummy gravy this far North.  Took some back roads and cruised into Salisbury wondering where all of a sudden I had ended up.  A bustling college town, busy with commerce and students walking around in the midst of farming villages and rural little areas…

M., my student here is a determined young man and I met with him for about 2 hours discussing the creation of his new chapter of Democracy Matters.  He’s almost finished with the process of establishing an official chapter of DM on campus and will start to have official meetings and hosting events as soon as he can.  We brainstormed events and actions he could take and I told him about my inspiring experience of lobbying in DC years ago  advocating against drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge with members of indigenous nations from Alaska and Canada.  He was excited to hear about the connections we made in DC and how it felt to have a direct communication with a Congressperson.  I’m going to help him organize an advocacy trip with his students and I’m going to put together a Advocacy Day for Fair Elections once the Fair Elections Act is reinstated for Congressional consideration for all my DC area students.

Now I’m here and just got my plate of eggs and bacon and yummy potatoes with peppers and onions.  Seriously, who’s going to finish typing when THAT’s an option?

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