Trusting intuition

Today was  gorgeous day with the clouds having sunshine flowing through them warming up the cold, surprised souls walking the streets this morning.  I stayed in bed.  It was warm and more inviting than the cold wind that was making its way into the third floor window I’d left open last night to hear the sounds of the streets below me.  Last night I sat in the dining room of my host home, nostalgic for correspondence days of old when people wrote letters, waiting with anticipation the sound of the post person bringing them the mail.

When I finally got out of bed after doing some computer correspondence and organizing from afar, I made my way around

tumblr_lxczz5xZ9y1qh1z3go1_500Lancaster on foot, with my yellow puffy vest on to keep warm.  I ate at Prince Street Cafe and drooled over a Bon Apetit magazine with lovely recipes of cuisine that I can only dream of creating myself… that is until I get into a kitchen and am no longer on assignment, on the road.  I visited an old historic cemetery wherein lie the remains of Congressman Thaddeus Stevens, Whig party representative and hoarded stowaway slaves during the Underground Railroad.  This cemetery was very old and a site of significance because of its purpose of being a multi-racial burying ground when that sort of thing was unheard of during that time.  I then walked into a record store, proceeded to get overwhelmed by the vinyl surrounding me, head to toe, floor to ceiling.  I imagined making a “playlist” before digital.  Made me smile… When I walked out, I saw a poster of singing in the rain which screamed, “You need to be skipping down the street!” …and so I did.

I had a presentation tonight at Millersville University.  My student J. and a professor he’d scheduled to be there to present were the only other people in the room.  No one showed up for the event.  It was even catered by the school.  If I were that student, I would have been mortified and extremely embarrassed.  I’m not sure how J. felt about it, but I could see in his face that he was trying diligently to keep it together.  It was a disappointment and a stark reminder of how hard it is to get people into a room to talk about hard issues.  I hope that we can rectify this situation in the future, but I have a small amount of faith in J.’s organizing skills at this point and I hope that he can redeem himself with the remainder of this semester.

To celebrate my successful evening, I went to the local pub and met up with a friend of mine from 15 years ago.  His name also starts with J.  We reminisced about our memories together growing up in Alamance county and how our lives had changed since that time, so many years ago.  It was a good meeting and now I am back in my beautiful host home, about to go to bed.  You win some, you lose some, but not ever do you not get a chance to learn.  I had a feeling that something was awry with this student tonight… I will look forward, again trust my gut feeling, and take this evening as a reminder that my work is worthwhile because otherwise it wouldn’t be so hard.

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