Bye Fred! Hello DC!

My eyelids are heavy and I am warm, my feet are hot after having been reminded of what it’s like to walk around a college campus, up and down stairs, all over town, all day.  To be reminded also that this is the essence of life – experiences.

Today started with me sleeping in and getting some extra needed rest after a long day yesterday of driving, prepping, and a late night meeting with my student and a meeting with my glass of wine after.  Even later night rantings about the meaning of words and letters and thoughts and feelings.  Even LATER night pondering of which stars are really surrounding us and then me thinking that bed would probably help me solve more of those issues than staying up thinking about them. 🙂

My student M. at the University of Mary Washington is a gem of a student.  She is eager and driven.  I am inspired by her approach to grassroots organizing.  It is an approach that is inclusive and fearless, realistic and she sees situations for what they are, not what she wants them to be.  This is key in this path.  Right now I’m too tired to go into it as thoroughly as I’d like – so I will just say this, her approach works because she can analyze situations for what they are and she will go far for not making assumptions.

My presentation tonight went very well and the students were very receptive.  Each student has legitimate concerns with the system of blatant and equal opportunity corruption that is blanketing our election system and therefore our daily lives.  Making those connections are so important.

I can feel the energy draining from my fingertips so this note will be cut short by my lack of being able to keep my eyes open.  Today was a wonderful day.  I enjoyed Fredericksburg.  I typed on a real typewriter today too.. can’t wait to do that again.  Soon.  Here I come Maw Maw’s basement.  Romance in the touch of a black, metal, lettered key, whose strokes are permanent in old machines.  Permanent and therefore begging for determination and confidence.  Two things I have right now, along with many other important things.  Goodnight Moon.Moon above R St. NW, D.C

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