Lace curtains and Politik.

nottingham_curtain_bethsmI am here on the first leg of my journey and a few sips into my glass of wine.  I am meeting with my student around 10:15 or so to get to know her and talk about our plans for the morrow.  I decided to journal about the happenings of each day on my blog and instagram beautiful moments.  I saw the moon tonight and she was beautiful on her way out of her full phase.

I thought about my life under that moon and how many moons have gone by since my conception moment… So much to be said, so much gratitude and curiosities flowing through me.  Right now I am sitting in a historic house in Freds’burg, VA and this room is dainty and comfortable.  Glass doorknobs, black and white motif with crystal lamp, minstrel scene on the wall, complete with lute player and then.. a soccer poster…. Not sure why the last is included but hey.. soccer’s not all that bad.  (Okay, proper foot ball.)

This trip is consisting of visits to six schools in 5 days.  There were going to be 7, but one seems to have dropped out.  We’ll see.  I’m visiting all of the colleges where Democracy Matters (the political, non-partisan organization I work for) has interns.  Those interns are learning to be grassroots organizers on their campuses, highlighting specifically the problem of MONEY ruling our ELECTIONS.  We talk about this issue and how it relates to and completely dictates how other issues are experienced in this country.  Everything from our environment and how when The Pan American Petroleum Company (presently Amoco)  pays half a million dollars to a congressperson, that congressperson is then obliged to be at Amoco’s disposal – completely undermining the rights of citizens to have a say in whether their water will be contaminated by fracking practices.  This is one example of how money in politics is a bad idea.  My students do the work of spreading this message across their campuses and my tour visits are meant to boost participation and recruitment to join Democracy Matters, and to reach out to students who may have otherwise never heard of this issue. (Believe me, indifference is not the case, nor is apathy, it is a complete and utter dis and misinformation of the masses in this country that keeps people from knowing all the information they need to be COMPLETELY disgusted with our current state of affairs.)  But anyway… that rant could go on for days!! (and will..)

There’s a couple staying here who are from Berlin.  They flew into NY 3 weeks ago, then flew to Texas and are driving all the way up the East Coast.  Kate and … I can’t remember his name but he is tall and red’haired with a short beard.  What an adventure they must be having.  Reminded me of my friend B. who’s living in Germany.  I haven’t seen or heard from him in years.  He was one of those people you meet and feel like you knew all along.  Those rare times I treasure so closely.

Right now I am content with my surroundings, feeling the first warm pangs of wine entering my temples.  I look forward to tomorrow and all the learning that will happen when I step up to the courage plate and give it all I’ve got.

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