Storytime Poetry for Stangers, Past-Future Lovers, and More

Since inception, my Familiar

came into my life

like a smoky mirror.

Reached out, listening

Onward, sharing,

lamenting heavy strife.


At first in the mountains, the Rockies

Arms outstretched

across a thousand miles

now here, ever closer

Healing, moving, all smiles


Suddenly fell down

Rushing with might – urgency

The river cast aside

It rained that night

I was allowed inside

There was no Escape

No way to leave

No flight,

I chose.

I did not flee


This story, a synopsis

Of less than 2 Gregorian weeks

Running, driving, stammering, broken,

Unwilling to dive fully into the deep


At this moment, legs crossed, candles lit

river banks and seagulls meet where I sit


At the perfect moment when the Old and New approve

rain and music may surrender

art may escape

it may be loving and tender

Lips embracing

like fog and morning dew


Many reasons do we love

Many faces, no regrets

flames ever brighter

Honest, like when they first met


In the ether, in the shadow

Opening in rainy, dark nights

In the places where wild ferns grow

On the wavelengths of improvisation

Perchance we shall be fairies and sprites

We will laugh, we will glow


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