Hello beautiful people out there. If you’re looking for a fun and fruitful conversation about self-care and how to embody self-care through the tarot, you must listen to this 2nd episode of The Resilience Apothecary Podcast! In this episode, I interview the luminous and lovely Maria Minnis and we discuss how tarot is a mirror, a way for us to look deeply into ourselves to work toward improvement while also having faith and knowing that we are worth it. I hope you enjoy!

Maria Minnis, the Star card and the Lovers card, red background with moon cycle graphic on the bottom. Maria has purple hair and a bright red, furry coat with tall black boots!

EPISODE 2 with Maria Minnis !

Next episode, I will share a poem that “held her hand” which was submitted by a listener to follow up from the 1st episode about Poetry for Self-Care! Stay tuned!

When I see things like: If you were born in the US or Canada, you were born with a “winning lottery ticket”, I automatically assume that person is either white, rich and white, or just rich and without realizing their painting with a DAMN broad brush… I came across as site like this today and usually I do not post in “the comments” section – but today, I lost my ability to refrain. The page upon which I landed (Link right below)(I’m always checking out self-help pages and gaining inspiration for my own creative ways of healing old shit) did not fit my bill.

After reading this and most of the comments, becoming more and more uncomfortable and irritated, I felt the urge to write something. I didn’t read anything of the sort in any of the other comments. (Maybe it was stated prior in a comment I scrolled through toward the bottom.) Here’s what I posted (it’s being reviewed right now, I wonder if the moderator will let it be posted? Maybe? Who knows.). All that said, Some may think of my ideas here as a poo-poo on “positive self-transformation” but that brand simply isn’t for me.

It is very important to remember this: even though some have “won the lottery” in the US and Canada, there are those who were born here who did not win any such lottery. Similar to the person from Iran, we do not have freedom of speech to the degree in which everyone believes. We do not have lawmakers who represent the interests of the people, they work for those who pay for their campaigns. We do not have freedom to be Black and feel safe driving in your car. We do not all have the blessing of having what we need to eat, nourishing food in our bellies and for our children.
The concept that we have won the lottery (the broad stroke painted here) creates the illusion that it’s all good here, when, for marginalized groups and the poor, the chances of “climbing” outside of your class and out of poverty are slim to none. “4 percent of children from low-income families achieved a college education, compared to 45 percent of children from higher-income families.” – (https://www.newsweek.com/why-rich-stay-rich-and-poor-stay-poor-363611)
And , starting on page 10 and on into page 11 – https://www.bostonfed.org/inequality2014/papers/reeves-sawhill.pdf – “Half the black children born into the bottom quintile remain there in adulthood, compared to just one in four whites. Only 3 percent join the top income quintile, implying that a real-life “rags to riches” story is unlikely for black children.
Moreover, unlike white children and the population as a whole, black children with
middle-class roots are more likely to fall than to rise. Of black children born to parents in the middle income quintile, only 14 percent move upward in the distribution, 37 percent remain 14 middle class, and 69 percent move downward. The equivalent breakdown in the white distribution is 44 percent, 23 percent, and 34 percent, respectively.”

All this is to say, that if we congratulate ourselves, without acknowledging the SYSTEMs of protections for some people vs. others, in terms of the proverbial “lottery ticket”, then we are doing a tremendous disservice to ourselves and an even more tremendous disservice and even HARM to those who do not share those winning tickets – THOSE WHO ARE LIKELY your neighbors. Their circumstances, WHERE THEY WERE BORN was not their choice, are most certainly the fate to which they are bestowed. There are still people eating out of the garbage and women who do not feel safe at work, even in the US and UK – however, it’s more hidden and the disparities are swept under the rug (or a 15 second soundbite on the news) to maintain the idea that the “American Dream” or whatever you call it in Canada, is available to everyone, when clearly it is not.

Pontification over for today. JEEZ LOUISE!

Tonight, a dear friend shared an inspiring Instagram post about a woman whose scars created hurdles and ultimately a sense of self beyond traditional beauty ideals. I found it to be so touching, I was immediately inspired to create. What came from Spirit was this message — Our inner strengths, our Spirit guidance and our Foundational support can lead us and hold us in times of shame, questioning and self-doubt. Here’s to all of you out there who have visible and invisible scars. I honor you and share this visioning spread to dig deeper into your understanding and embodiment of the beauty that IS you, not just an idea WITHIN your mind.

Bless you all, dear beauties. 

So it be.

I posted the maximum word count on Insta. This is the full-deal. It is my hope to share this with for the highest good for all.

1. Your Foundation – This, the most integral part of any structure, holds you steady.  You can use the lessons of this card to build your strongest foundation in self-identity and courage to be your own dang self.

2. Inner Strengths – You may or may not be aware of your inner strength.  You probably have MANY.  This placement holds for you a key.  This key opens the door, helps you tap in and gives you insight: Who is that badass living inside you? The one who’s so excited you’ve chosen to rock this boat.

3. Physical Embodiment – Now that you’ve built your base and fortified it with your inner strength(s), it is time for embodiment.  This placement gives you the reigns to direct your physical self and begin.  Isn’t that always the hardest part? It is time dearie!! It is time to physically give love to what has been neglected.  Take that hot bath.  Take that long walk.  Take that action step that starts you on this path of physically telling your body that you mean business and hold your beautiful head high. 

4. Emotional Support – OKAY! You have given your material self some needed gifts, now is time to feel them.  This placement will show you how to truly appreciate this journey of bearing your scars with grace and love, gratitude and forgiveness.  Every scar you carry is an integral part of who you are at this very moment.  Use this card’s energy to direct your feelings toward self-love, not just self-acceptance.  Kiss your scars with love! Cradle them in your hands and look at them as the precious gifts they are.

5. Your Burning Desire – What do you want? No, for real, like what do you pine for?  What is your heart truly yearning for, now that you feel the love and bear your scars with gratitude?  This placement will send you on your way.  This card’s energy can guide your toward your first steps or give you the green light needed to go get that thing!  This card is your permission to want it and go get it.

6. Mental Focus – You may wonder why this is almost last. There’s a damn reason.  How many of us get caught up in our thoughts before we begin and then never begin?  How many of us simply can’t see past the self-limiting thoughts in our minds.  This spread says eff that.   That’s why the mental focus is at the end.  You have to feel what you want before you can see it.  You have to begin the journey like the fool without thinking, just go.  Now that you have gone through the steps and begin, get your head right.  Think of those scars.  How did you get them?  How can they move you toward your burning desire?  How can you put the shame away?  What do you need to tell yourself to continue to feel that cradling and compassion of your formative experiences, those from which you bear scars?  This placement helps you create those mantras and that clarity you seek to maintain your path, to Bear those Scars with a sense of pride and acknowledgement of their integral place in your life, but no longer holding you back from going after your life with fervor.

7. Spirit Guidance – Like the Chakra system, the number Seven invites you to lean into your Spirit guidance, in whatever way you choose. You have laid the ground work and now it is time for faith. Not only faith in yourself, but faith that the Universe has your back. Feel the hand of pure Love at your back. Feel your own hands of pure love cradling you in this journey. Know you are loved and you are not alone. Look in the mirror and say “I love you.”. Say it until you believe it. This card’s energy can give you the power.

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Dearest readers,

I thought I knew what busy was before this semester. My time-space continuum has always been up in the sky and often missing some continuity… but dang. I want COVID to be over and for us to be able to come out into the open, around other humans, without the anxiety of “I might die” creeping in the back of our minds. Then I can only look at a screen if I want to, not because I have to and teach in a classroom where my students and I can laugh together.

The world has been in uproar about elections, the environment, racism, bigotry of all kinds, domestic terrorism by right-wing extremists ready to take down the country in their G.I. Joe gear militia nonsense, badass civil rights leaders passing (John Lewis, RBG to name a couple…), and COVID-19. Damn! Guess what!? We are resilient, a hard to kill lot. Ask Mother Earth. LOL *funny, not funny*. Surely, to Her we are worse than roaches, bedbugs and termites combined! Yet, I am of another mind also when it comes to this rollercoaster, rife with ridiculous radical retrogression rigamarole. Part of me believes, in the very moment, that we just ARE. Things just are. We exist and that’s that. This viewpoint is both liberating and beautiful, nihilist and fruitless. Liberating and beautiful because it allows for me to live in the moment and choose to see life as a gift. Nihilist and fruitless because that vision allows me to sink into a hole of despair. Today, I choose liberating and beautiful and quote some advice from Mr. Lipbone Redding. I can recite it to myself in moments of fear and anxiety, “I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.” It is certainly a privileged statement, when I think of families imprisoned in internment camps or nearly perishing in boats escaping war, yet, no matter who you are or what you are experiencing, your perspective is the only thing you have.

Your perspective is your only freedom. Your perspective can save your life and your perspective can kill you. Today, I choose to believe I AM exactly where I am supposed to be – anchoring myself to the moment, with all its imperfections, inherited, unearned privileges, and its beauty. I give thanks for the divine, the souls in this life I’ve encountered, and this life, filled with so many amazing opportunities, every moment, to do better and to choose love over fear or bitterness. Thank you. Thank You. Thank YOU.

I’ve suggested reading the 4 agreements to probably hundreds of people by now. It’s a book that seriously calls out the way our lives can go, however we choose. It’s a life-path to which it is definitely worth subscribing. “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz

On to the news and away from my habitual pontificating! Soon, now that school is almost over, I will be going back into my little homemade recording studio and laying down tracks for this album #SurrenderingToTheSacred ~ I’m also going to be releasing a single that invites you to see the world through the eyes of a graveyard. …a lovely, ghostly vision.

Join me on Tuesday evenings for my 8:30pm livestream on either Facebook or Instagram! I love you!

Your grateful friend,


This week in pictures!

The back of the album cover! (Names of songs and credits will be added!)
A full moon and lunar eclipse ritual where I severed ties with my sugar addiction and learn a LOT more about my purpose in reflection.
Spirit sees me at this moment as the Queen of Wands (mastering confidence, fiery femininity, calm in crisis, generous but fierce, vibrant and determined) coming into this venture. In order to get unstuck (which I have been) I need to incorporate the lessons of the 8 of Swords to tend my inner fire – be clever and think outside the box – approach the situation with openness and curiosity. The Spirit of Sagittarius season has gifted me with the medicine of the Queen of Swords and I can call upon the virtues of Athene and her owl, critical thinking and creativity – to open myself, channeling her higher wisdom. I need to be strict with myself, yet internally soft and warm, with care for my highest good. Now is a good time to study, write, channel and think. I can offer the world the embodiment of the Strength card – matriarchal consciousness – as opposed to the Emperor (this is the Emperor year and this is my Strength year!) I can share the lessons learned of tending to the sacred flame, keeping the hearth fires burning for the benefit of the city in honor and invocation of transformation toward a new, awakened awareness of the return of the Goddess, the divine Feminine so that we may heal the damage of our binary, patriarchy dominated history. I hope to teach how to make contact with the subconscious for those who wish to heal, through my music and art, teaching and dedication to justice – to embrace the power of the priestess within me.
Advice from my future self.

Dedication: This week, this issue is dedicated to Mary Jane Marx. She was a dear friend of mine and yesterday was her birthday. She passed away this Winter and my weekly livestream was in her memory last night. I played mostly sweet lullaby-type songs. I miss her tremendously.

On Friendship. The Prophet - Kahlil Gibran | Friendship quotes, Kahlil  gibran quotes, Prophet quotes

Quote: “He doesn’t say what we don’t already know, he just says it purtier.” – the quirky, loving inscription Mary Jane put inside of the first gift she ever gave to me. It was a hard-cover copy of The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. That book became my bible. I think of quotes from it all the time and use it when I perform marriages too. So much wisdom, eloquently stated.

Song: White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane – Mary Jane travelled around the world with these guys for a while, so many stories about Amsterdam and Haight Ashbury….. back when singers were badass and didn’t need to sell their bodies and sex to sell records. Live on Grace Slick, you badass woman you.
Live from Woodstock 1969https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vl89g2SwMh4

Dear Humans,

I’m addicted to double-stuffed, vanilla Oreos. They are against my diet in SO many ways. Filled with sugar and gluten, they are on my 20% time-slot. I’ve decided that since my body can’t have gluten, mammals or mammalian products such as cheese and butter and I’m not eating processed sugar on the reg, there must be some way to enjoy SOMETHING out there. The last year of diagnosing what the hell was going on with my digestive system was hell. Hives spells and ridiculous gas… I’ll spare you the rest. Now I know basically all the things to which I’m allergic and I can steer clear of those things purposefully while still feeding myself relatively well. Meals are certainly not the gourmet dream as I would like for them to be (being spoiled by good cooks has ruined me for life) but I make up for it by finding new and exciting ways to turn cooking and eating into art. Relishing in making my table pretty, filled with flowers, candles, matching vintage flatware and cloth napkins makes my dinner feel good, even if it doesn’t satisfy my craving for lamb chops and butter-laden stuffed acorn squash with a glass of delicious Carménère or Pinot Noir. Now when I have a craving for some cuisine du passé, I just grab a few vanilla Oreos and forget all my troubles… mostly.

On to less entertaining updates, teaching is going well at this point. Creating a brand new curriculum during a pandemic with a new text book turns out to be a smidge less hair-pulling suck-ery than I thought. I’m only pulling out my eyebrows and the occasional eyelash, no big deal.

Democracy Matters students are on a roll doing their online college organizing, with all its necessary innovations and admitted setbacks, yet overall, I am impressed with their (and my) resilience in this grassroots effort to end the tyranny of the rich tv personality and his racist hordes. It’s no secret I’m a radical and it’s no secret of my sentiments that Biden SUCKS. *pulling out actual hair on the top of my head* I must say, however, having a woman of color on the Vice-Presidential stage for the first time EVER, is a momentous occasion and worth celebrating whole-heartedly. I cannot say how much that means to me (and millions of others in this country). I think she was chosen because of her color and gender, irregardless of her political prowess. When I saw the lineup of vice-prez candidates, they mostly had two things in common: they were women and mostly people of color. Fine with me. Bring it on. We need an actual representative democracy. We need for people in office to look like us, think like us, and to care about us. The blatant hatred and vitriol being spat from Trump supporters is disgusting and ignorant. They aren’t going down without a nasty fight. Needless of say, I’m very much looking forward to tonight’s Vice-Presidential debate with Kamala Harris and Mike Pence. I can’t imagine being in her shoes right now. Having to downplay the stereotype of “angry black woman” and having to keep strong the “we’re tough on crime” bullshit – it makes me sick. She has it twice as hard (if not exponentially harder) than Hillary Clinton. I will be praying for her tonight and I hope she is as real as real gets on that stage. Fuck commentary and opinion editorials. She deserves a chance to speak for people who rarely see the light of day, much less the national debate stage. I’m not very patriotic, but if she’s all I’ve got to stand behind, I’ll do it. Fuck the policies and hateful Trump noise and the gruesome displays of outdated, accepted bigotry his supporters spew like someone realizing they’ve just gulped curdled milk from the fridge.

I believe we can have a place where we all get along. I try not to demonize the humans but the actions of mislead and misinformed people who don’t know any better… but man do these people make that difficult. Watch the debate tonight. I’ll be eating popcorn and expecting to cry. Wish I could call Mary Jane at the end of it and have an uplifting discussion about chicken marsala and how much she loves me no matter how much the world sucks at the time. Just damn.

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This week in pictures:

She loved my hat collection. I loved her panda collection.
Pepita and Pink Purple PJ Pants