Morning Ray of Lightness Inspiration

I desire Lightness of being

suppression of sensuality and sexuality have created

an inner battle of which

I’d been mostly unaware,

but now I feel awake and unbraided


pursuit of the arts and freedom are the same

pursuit of love and connection are the same

pursuit of community and perfect solitude are one in the same


I ache with fever to escape

I feel the thrills and chills of belonging – be-longing

how interesting that phrase

I long for belonging, a deep calling…

yet there are constant pangs of desire to feel completely alone

in a vast wood, only me, moss and giant pine cones

on a plain of wildflowers no human has ever seen

miles and miles of vastness and green

perhaps our species is the first

to treasure solitude as much as fellow humans with whom we are so deeply immersed



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