What’s the Universe Saying? What am I saying?

This Solstice, full Moon, subsequent time lapse post-xmas-pre-new years has been powerful.
Found that I am truly beginning to believe in a power greater than myself. Humbling. Gratifying. Acknowledging solid ground. I cried in the Moonlight pouring with Spiritual gratitude.
Tonight, I offered my anxiety about my family, jobs, places to live, love, and transportation to the Universe. After the most enlightening, moving spread on the 23rd, this is a reminder. Ritual. Time is Passing. Adventure. Shedding the judgement. Embracing my best self. Watch the intentions grow with integrity and fullness. Learning to show up for myself every day.
After I listened to this guided meditation to breathe through a panic attack that came without warning this evening, I realized the amazing synchronicity in the message, and here I share it with you. The narrator is poetic (and wordy). It’s worth a listen. http://insig.ht/gm_5313

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