TuesDayNewsDay, Vol.1, Issue 2 ~ October 9, 2018

TuesDayNewsDay October 9th 2018

 “You are THAT feeling.” – as per a conversation with my dear friend Helme about wanting love and overcoming lonliness – remembering that we ARE that magical feeling of love birds’ first kiss.

Dear Humans,

Anita Moore here.  Welcome to TuesDayNewsDay! Learn about upcoming performances and what’s going on with me musically, emotionally/intellectually, and creatively, and also things that move, touch or inspire me. 

Dedication: Today, I dedicate this post to three people. The first person is my best friend Maggie, I love her tremendously and am glad to know her.  She inspires me to be more open, accepting, honest in my self-awareness and proud of myself as a person and musician.  The second, her name is also Maggie; I was gifted the honor of reading a dedication to this woman Maggie who was the author’s mother.  She was his hiking companion and the dedication to her was so sweet and charming.  (I always read the dedication of a book first.) The third person, is my friend Elm.  Elm is an amazing human being and his respect, love for the natural world and talents are beyond my comprehension.  I admire him and his work; he inspires me to be outside more and to bend my will of focus and to become better at being me.  

Today, like last week, I’m in love with this rock upon which I sit.  The Magic Rock – my new weekly hideout. I got to share it with Elm this morning, checking out the possible persimmon tree and sycamore elbow, little beetles, leaves, the water rolling by and beams of sunshine shining through the clouds.  A pleasure to spend coffee time in the morning with friends.  (My favorite way to start the day.) There’s a tiny sweat bee on my foot. It tickles but I’m leaving him be. Leave it bee. Ha. 


Last week was wrought with struggles and triggers for me and many others witnessing Congress force Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court.  I was not alone in my state of.  I cycled through disgust, anger, sadness, and frustration. I had a hard time with all these feels.  The previous week, I experienced the same.  However, this week, I experienced some rage with my fellow human beings cohabiting a festival with me; it gave me tremendous pause.  I was judging people for being so happy.  I was blaming them for the lack of participatory democracy in this country, dancing around, totally unaffected by what I knew was actually going on.  I took my leave of the festival and went home to refect.  Who was I to judge others? From what holier-than-thou precipice was I standing?  What self-righteous intolerance was brooding within me? Answering these questions helped me to release the hold I imagined I had upon these people and their lives.  The judgment is a cage I can choose to exit. Walk away.  I felt the need to reach out to a dear friend in GA for support.  I spoke with him for one of our hourslong coffee and conversations and he shared with me an article by Howard Zinn.  It helped put everything into perspective about the institution of the Supreme Court and for what it serves: the Constitution – NOT the People.  Check it out. It game me comfort to read this article and helped to simmer down my judgment of other people.  In it Zinn says, “It would be naive to depend upon the Supreme Court to defent the rights of poor people, women, people of color, dissenters of all kinds.  Those rights only come alive when citizens organize, protest, demonstrate, strike, boycott, rebel, and violate the law in order to uphold justice. The distinction between law and justice is ignored by all those Senators,—Democrats AND Republicans— who solemnly invoke as their highest concern “the rule of law.”  The law can be just; it can be unjust… The Constitution gave no rights to the working people; no right to work less than 12 hours a day, no right to a living wage… Workers had to organize, go on strike, defy the law… creating a movement that caused such commotion that Congress was FORCED to pass…” laws to address these concerns. The dancing humans then, are living their lives and I must respect that. People are where they are, I can only look after myself and change my own behaviors, outlook, and choices – I will advocate for justice when I can – but be not attached to outcomes. #LetGoandLetGod


This week I’ll be speaking on a panel in Durham at North Carolina Central University on the subject of the proposed NC Constitutional amendments which will be on the ballot this cycle. I’ll follow up here with information regarding that, but basically, Nix ALL SIX! And be sure to vote yes on the Education bonds (all 3). More to come on that.

Also, coming up this weekend, I will be EmCee’ing the Empty Bowls fundraiser hosted by the organization TABLE of Carrboro.  TABLE feeds hungry kids in the area and this year the goal is to be able to feed 750 kids a week.  That is no joke.  I know what it feels like to be hungry.  When I was less than 3, I was living in the back of a Grand Torino and I remember my grandparents (Maw Maw and Paw Paw) coming to take me back home with them.  Maw Maw says, “I’ve never seen a little girl eat so much…”  That memory always makes me so grateful for them and so humbled to have the privilege of eating three meals a day.  Be grateful yall and give back.  Come on out, the event is from 3-7 at the Weaver Street Market lawn this Sunday.  Here is the link: https://www.tablenc.org/empty-bowls and here is my blog post about why I am honored to be involved: 

“Dear  Community,

My name is Anita Moore and I have been a supporter of TABLE now for just under a year.  I was asked to emcee TABLE’s Empty Bowls fundraiser because I have skills for that sort of thing, being a community musician and teacher.  My prioritization in volunteering for this event was the heart of the organization itself.  Feeding and taking care of hungry children are services that speak closely to my heart.  I was raised in two different worlds growing up, one of them was a safe haven, but the other was a constant unknown.  I didn’t know if I’d be hungry, clean, or safe on a constant basis.  The feeling of hunger is something I know deep in my bones and it causes aspects of our personalities to develop into living our lives from a place of scarcity.  We do not need our children to live coming from that kind of place. It is haunting into their future and bears a tremendous weight on the spirit of a community.  I want to give what I can, my own unique gifts and experience to help kids in my community to avoid that gnawing pain of hunger and the unknown.  Let us provide nourishment for their bodies as well as their young, growing minds.    
Hats off to TABLE for making Empty Bowls happen every year.  I am honored to be a part of such an event.  You can too, see you there!
With love and abundance,
Anita Moore”



With lots of lessons learned, I am savoring today.  The new Moon gave direct inspiration for what I want to bring into my life.  I set those prayers on fire and watched as the smoke rose into the sky.  I open myself to the love and solid feeling of being in this moment and taking it all in.  No expectations or judgment, only appreciation and curiosity. What’s on the other side? “We’ll see.” she says.  

A new song came to me today; I was humming Autumn Leaves this morning and this afternoon a jolly new song filled with wonder entered the world.  I think you’ll like it. Also, by popular demand, I have added a calendar to my website calendar tab so you can find out when/where I’m performing next. ❤ 

Love, because it saves the world,



#LivingQueryoftheWeek : What is your favorite way to wake up in the morning and start your day?

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