Day 6: 2908 miles driven, Fort Churchill NV to Redwoods… Tire Snag … to Redding CA.

6:30am MST. Most beautiful campsite ever. Ft Churchill. Jackrabbits, coyote last night, quail this morning… sage everywhere. California trail marker and Native American homesite.  Enormous and beautiful sage all around.  Only 2 other campers in the campground.
Last night I saw a giant owl as I was pulling up to Fort Churchhill. Driving yesterday was absolutely insane.  The mountains were enormous on HWY 15 in NV, the Extraterrestrial highway was so desolate and weird.  Driving past Walker Lake at dusk was totally dreamy/scary/buggy.  I woke up this morning in my car and it was 50°. So glad I did not sleep with the windows down, or I would’ve been cold!

8:15 AM Squeaky’s car wash to get all the bugs off my car. There were millions of them!!

It’s 55° out here 820am! Carson City Nevada
The mountains up ahead of me are all snow-covered. I wonder which ones they are. I’m gonna find out

8:35 AM elevation 6000 feet I just entered the El Dorado national Forest. There are a shit ton of evergreens coming up, it’s so beautiful. The landscape is changing to my left, snowcapped mountains soon I’m going to be passing by Lake Tahoe.

My lap is full of glass and vitamins. I bought a new jar of calcium magnesium and zinc vitamins and when I opened the package the glass exploded! I bought some lysine and some multivitamins also; Hopefully this staves off any fever blister.

Just passed Spooner Summit. I’m in the lake Tahoe basin 7100 and some feet!

Oh my God, I am so glad I did not drive through Reno, this is the most beautiful road. I’m also following the California migration trail supposedly.

10:05 AM. I don’t think I’m in Pacific Coast time yet but maybe I am I don’t know. I’m on Highway 50 going towards Sacramento I am 8 1/2 hours from the Jedediah Smith redwoods forest park looks like I’ll get there around 6 o’clock tonight. Unless Pacific Coast isn’t where I am yet in which case it will be 5 PM.
Nope, I’ve been in the Pacific Time zone and since I was in Nevada…. haha

10:10 Am PCT I got a little treat a little while back. I stopped to have breakfast at Epic Point. Right there, the Pacific Crest Trail touches up with Highway 50. I did not know that I was going to be crossing the PCT in a place where I can get out and walk on it. Treat status!!!  One day I would very much like to hike the PCT with a partner or a friend.  ❤

10:45 AM still on highway 50 driving through the El Dorado national forest.  Just passed the California passage reenactment group with a bunch of horses and they had a freaking police escort. I texted my friend Maggie and said what in the hell is this all about? And she said “welcome to the left coast. Those people are a special brand of weirdos. They’re the reason why California is not a gun friendly state!” That made me laugh ferociously.

11:10 AM 30 miles to Sacramento, sky opened up and I’m out of the mountains. The air smells like wood!! I keep saying this, but how breathtaking!! Everything is so big!!

11:25 AM We have a nice day here; I have just crossed the Sacramento County line. I have about 25 minutes until I reach Sacramento co-op where I’m going to stop and get some Teatree oil to hopefully help further prevent these fever blisters from forming.  My lips were so sunburned… So far I’ve been relatively lucky and they haven’t emerged, but I’m not counting any chickens if you know what I mean. How did I know that there’d be an upcoming co-op? It’s California man. Just testing out all of my preconceived notions.

11:45am Sacramento!! The vibration is back in my car. 😦 Heading to Les Schwab tire place to see whats up.

Emotions on high right now. Worried about the car and other things…..
Just read my horoscope and it’s telling.
Going to stop worrying about other things, because… Here’s the horoscope:

“PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Take your seasick pills. The waves will
sometimes be higher than your boat. Although I don’t think you’ll capsize,
the ride may be wobbly. And unless you have waterproof clothes, it’s
probably best to just get naked. You WILL get drenched. By the way,
don’t even fantasize about heading back to shore prematurely. You have
good reasons to be sailing through the rough waters. There’s a special
“fish” out there that you need to catch. If you snag it, it will feed you for
months — maybe longer.”


Pictures to come, again once I can get to a computer.

6/14/17 Update with photos!




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