Day 5, I just saw a roadrunner! 2277miles

9:35am AZ time, Siri’s not working… Im leaving Page! Stopped at the Glen Canyon dam, saw Colorado river Facetime’d Maw Maw and Paw Paw and showed them the canyon and then saw a real live roadrunner cross the road in front of me!! Why did the roadrunner cross the road? Same as the chicken but in a hurry!

11 AM MST, Arizona doesnt turn its clocks back therefore this morning, I was an hour behind and woke up at 6 o’clock this morning. I had a really good time in Page last night it was a good reuniting with Martin. He, his roommate, and I went out to eat. I had a beet salad, pork tacos, and we all shared some beer battered fried artichoke hearts. Driving through a deer migration area right now, I am in Utah by the way. I slept really well last night, feeling refreshed this morning.

When I arrived in Page, Martin was not home yet. His roommate was though, and we immediately got into a theoretical conversation which was interesting in nature about his relationship issues and politics. I don’t know why I have that effect on people. I don’t like Small talk, and I think that it comes out in my interactions with strangers that I meet in all sorts of different places. So when Martin arrived home we had a big hug and we all sat around catching up for a little while and then we went to dinner. After dinner we came home and walked the dogs in the street and then we all went to bed. I had two glasses of wine last night, my head hurt a little bit this morning.
But overall I felt really good. Unfortunately Martin had some sort of stomach bug and was getting sick all morning long. I hope that he gets better soon and I hope that I do not experience that on my trip. That would be a supreme bummer. I washed my hands like a mad person this morning and stayed clear. I am on 89 N. in Utah. I just got off the phone with my dear friend Timmi Cruz. He is from Utah and I can feel his spirit here. I’m going to gather a bundle of sage and send it to him, Bea, and baby Gwenivere. I was originally going to drive to Salt Lake City to see in the family, but that didn’t work out. So now I am driving, my destination is Silversprings Nevada. That’s about 10 hours driving today and tomorrow I drive from there to redwoods forest. By way of Lake Tahoe. I hear that my drive tomorrow is going to be one of the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen some pretty stuff though, it’s unbelievable all the sites and the incredible nature that I’ve driven by over the last four days. I called my grandmother this morning with FaceTime and I walked across the Glen Canyon Bridge right there at the dam over the Colorado River. She and Paw Paw enjoyed seeing that. Its not such a lonely drive since I can see their faces.

I was going to play my ukulele for Martin last night, but one of the strings was broken. Unfortunately I think that may have something to do with the heat in the car. It’s been really hot, and I’ve been running the air conditioning mainly so that my ukulele doesn’t get too hot (I totally benefit from that too.) so I’m driving through St. George, a mostly Mormon area, to see if I can’t get some ukulele strings!
10:10a.m. Arizona time because I just reentered Arizona. I will soon be in Fredonia Arizona. I’m 75 miles from the north rim of the Grand Canyon… but! I’m not going there.

135 MST I think… I’m in Utah almost to St. George. Just got off the phone with Stephen, my friend in Bend and we made plans for my stay, to go to the coast off the coast of Oregon maybe? I told Stephen that he’s in charge and that I’m not making any plans. I’m excited about that.

I have no idea what time it is. I am on interstate 15 south towards Las Vegas. I just drove through the craziest part of the interstate that I’ve ever been on. It was like driving through the mountains but the mountains are so close and so big and they’re all around you it was absolutely insane. I just drove around there with my job dropped.

I’m going to get off the interstate soon to turn right onto 168 going north into Nevada further. I have about 400 and some miles left to go before I get to Silver Spring. I hope I can make it!

3:10 PM Mountain standard time I am on the road into the wilderness on the road to the extraterrestrial highway. I have highlighted my map so that I know my way. I have put oil in my car I have a full tank of gas I have 3 gallons of water and food. I’m excited about the extraterrestrial highway.

3:25 PM mountain time I just passed by a coyote Springs golf club… what a strange place to want to play golf it’s 140° out here, excuse me 104°. I can imagine how much water they have to use to make sure that the Green stays green. I don’t really like golf. I’m sure you can tell. I’m about to take a right on North 93. Towards Alamo and away from Las Vegas.

4:50 pm Paranahgut wildlife refuge

4:27 PM I just saw a giant elk huge antlers!!

5pm MST 20 miles from Rachel on 375 Extraterrestrial highway…

Just saw a tiny dust whirlwind twister

One black cow.


One brown n white cow.

Cows in road

Cows on the range

Passed an RV

Two more dirt tornadoes

These are the straightest roads of ever saying you can see road for miles

Now on west six and there are tons of birds on the road and they fly off once you get about 3 feet from them.

Tiny little mice creatures running across the road

625 Toiabe natl forest

Saulsberry summit 6556 feet

I’m on 95 north now it’s 10 minutes till 8:00 PM mountain time I’ve been battling with the sun for over an hour and I feel like my entire top lip is going to be a fever blister. I’m fighting it hard though every few minutes I am treating it with ice and I have taken my medicine for it and kept it in my system every couple of hours.

8:05 PM mountain time God these places that I’ve been driving through look as if time has forgotten them. It’s hard to imagine New York or Washington DC when you’re driving through a place like this. The simultaneous existence of completely different worlds. It looks like what I think of when I think of clandestine nine meth labs and extreme poverty/desolation.

The mountain I see ahead of me looks like it still has snow on the top and little patches. It’s called Corey peek and it’s 10,520 feet according to my atlas.

Pictures to come once I can get on my computer…

6/14/17 Update with photos!

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