A thank you, end of semester letter to my students

Dear students,
Each of you who were able to complete this extremely fast-paced semester (and didn’t have extenuating circumstances, and even if you did!) performed wonderfully.  A 5-week semester is VERY difficult and you made it happen. (At least in my class.). Each of you chose topics close to your hearts and I enjoyed each and every presentation/discussion and to get to meet with you all face to face.  I know that isn’t normally what teachers do with online classes, but I like to connect.
Thanks everyone for putting your hearts into your work.  Critical thinking is difficult and that’s one reason why people don’t do it.  It is also NOT TAUGHT in public schools.  That is a manufactured, intentional tragedy committed by those who would de-fund our schools and oppose universal health care, but would give trillions to rich corporations, prisons and war.  (Yes this is a red herring argument, I’m fully aware. HAHA!) You all know my biases; I am sure these statements don’t surprise you.  Please pass on what you have learned to your beautiful children, brothers, sisters, parents, co-workers, and ELECTED OFFICIALS! Democracy is not a spectator sport; we ALL must participate or we will be affected to the detriment by our own lack of interest and clinging to temporary comfort.   One last thing, when you speak to all those different people about critical thinking, do so with love. Even if you disagree with someone, you can still love them.  Even if someone hurts you, you can forgive.  If we harden our hearts, then we harden our minds and that hurts everyone.  Love to you all, thank you for all your hard work.
Some resources for you:
Videos from the Times News of the peaceful demonstrations and speeches in Graham: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOe5mqVS2zDY7sveRR1iemQ/videos
Alamance County petition to end police brutality and to reform our criminal “justice” system:
Some quotes from the Moral Movement video:
“Silence is betrayal We affirm the voice of each human, that within each person is endowed these rights and recognitions. Racism is the virus that tears at our humanity.”

Please give some time from your day today. Sit and listen. Please listen. Please join us.

“…racism infects out systems and festers within the great democratic experiment that is America. …we won’t be silenced anymore…. by racist capitalism… BEFORE the virus.”

“There is enough for everyone to live free but there is not enough for corporate greed. Somebody is hurting our people and we won’t be silent anymore.”

Please give some time from your day today. Sit and listen. Please listen. Please join. Love you. Do more than just vote. We are the ones we have been waiting for.
“We lament because we love. We advocate for justice because we love. We speak difficult truth because we love.”



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