Oh what did you see my green eyed girl, what did you see my darlin young one?

I saw 10,000 news stations stirrin up anger

I saw neighbors and friends feeding the hungry

I saw teachers and students all doing their best

I saw 1000s of people fighting for toilet paper

I saw my people make music in the front yard

I saw an orange man who talked about nothing

And its a hard, its a hard, its a hard, its a hard, its a hard rain, that’s fallin. (Except its Sunny.)

(my current version of Dylan’s “Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall” – here’s my favorite version, by Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians: https://youtu.be/kgpF5VjWO34

Here are some other things I’ve seen:

Morning Magic~ revisitation to Source
Poem art (from previous blog post) watercolor and ink

Some poetry from my morning pages:

This morning,

I awoke to the sound of an alarm too early set.

After dreams of my old friend suffering, rightfully so, I wanted some peaceful moments.

So after an hour of mind trickery and snooze,

I lifted my head.

The space we create is our own.

Nothing in this life is guaranteed,

Except change, choice, and the love and care we give our very own home.

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