TuesDay NewsDay?

What’s the news? You’ve heard, I’m sure, there’s something serious going around. Being at home all day however, didn’t stop me from not having enough time to get everything done I wanted, but such is life for a creative person who is easily distracted, accepts it and finds that trait beautiful at times.

In the meantime, I learned about the box elder tree who is the “trashy cousin” (according to one professor at Michigan State University) and looks a lot like poison ivy to which I am highly allergic.

I added some more fine pen detail to a barn owl painting until my felt tip .01 Staedler ran out of juice.

This morning I heard a woodpecker, saw at least 12 different kinds of other birds while drinking my coffee on the back porch as I am growing accustomed now that it’s a bit warmer outside. I noticed that the sea gulls seem to have taken off.

The Kinks’ Sunny Afternoon played ALL DAY in my brain, I wrote a letter and sent it and screwed a board to my garden.

Tonight for dinner, I made salmon cakes, green beans, and baked sweet potato waffle fries with a homemade coconut yogurt/garlic remoulade, heavy pickles.

To the background music of 90s hip hop, I danced in my room for the first time since I can remember and I’m going to bed before 2:00am the first time in several days.

…and that doesn’t come close to all that happened or what I accomplished today. Crazy. #hemmingcurtains #preziclasswork #textingwithstudents #sponsormeeting #staredoutthewindow #syllabuscalibration

This pandemic is trembling under the surface of my constant tension. A walk in the rain calmed me down. This time for us all will be both inspiring and mystifyingly sad around the world. That’s why this episode of TuesDay NewsDay is a bit different. We each carry the weight of the bags we picked up. Let someone carry your bag during this time if they offer. If they don’t offer, ask for help with your burdens.

I love you all in many ways. Bless those having to be out there in it. Bless my students and their heavy loads. Bless my friends who love me. Thank you to those who reach out. You have no idea what it means. Give what you can, expect nothing.

Box elder maple in early Spring, the world goes on with or without us. I like to think we give ourselves to it when we pass. We become the world. The world becomes us.
It looks good on you.

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