TuesDay NewsDay Vol 3, Issue 3 – January 28th, 2020

It’s still Tuesday, right? It’s almost midnight and Pepita wants to sit in my lap while I’m typing. Typical cat behavior… I’m divorcing my social media on every day except for Tuesdays (unless the newsletter suddenly starts coming out on Thursdays). No Instagram and no Facebook. I’m impulsive and compulsive sometimes, both of which make me fun to be around some have said. My grandmother calls me Hurricane Anita. They’ve yet to name one after me. They’ve assigned them to my mother, Fran, and to my grandfather, Earle. Juanita, Priscilla and I are awaiting our turns. So yes, 86 smart phone too. I’m selling it. I’m getting an old Nokia if possible, if not then a basic flip phone where you still have to hit #2 3 times to get the letter C in your text messages. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep my crazy singing voicemail message. If not, it’s memorized so I’ll re-do it. I’m totally over technology. Smart phones are ruining me. I’m going back to analog. Eff a damned bluetooth. Eff a damned online calendar. Eff a damned instant camera. Eff it all. Sayonara until next time Constant Connection, I’m over you.

Today was one of the biggest distraction whirlwind days I’ve had in quite some time. Therefore, my newsletter will be attended to at a later time this week if I have a bit more free time. Perhaps I’ll start calling it Thursday Newsday… Maybe I’ll just come back on TuesDay. Who knows?

Until then, so long, farewell and have a lovely evening. I’m signing out. Thank all the gods.

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