TuesDay NewsDay Vol. 2 Issue 10, August 6, 2019

TuesDay NewsDay Vol. 2 Issue 10, August 6, 2019

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Quote: Heaven is appreciation of what we realize we could’ve lost, but didn’t.

I said this the other day in reverence to the fact that I was walking again – hadn’t gone for a walk in 10 weeks, since May 16th. A real walk. It truly is magnificent and sacred to walk again. I’ve learned so many lessons through the healing of my ankle since this surgery. Namely, how active I really am and how hard it is to ask for help. Embracing both and getting out there again! I never really did sit that still… but now I have to learn how to cook for myself again. Falling out of that habit needs to be remedied! (Maybe I’ll get a multi-pot of my own!)

Song: Catch the Wind – Donovan Catch the Wind by Donovan
How it feels to be the wind.

Dedication: This installment is dedicated to all of the amazing humans who’ve supported my music over the past few months while I make Tuesday videos of the songs on my album! Thank you to Ransom, Bruce, Christine, Robert, the Tuesday night jazz crew, Jeff, Cindy, Austin, Andy, Crystal, Tim, Spencer, Eric, and Mark!

Dear Humans, Well, I’m sitting here above the Haw River in my favorite spot at Cup 22 coffee shop. It’s been quite some time since I have written a newsletter! So much has happened since May 29th! So many shows, events, happenings, and opportunities! There is so much, I am so grateful for all I’ve been able to accomplish and do while this healing journey has been going on! (Still healing, but moving with much less pain, more discomfort than anything.) Busy beaver status is as follows:

  • May 16th surgery
  • Last full newsletter May 29th
  • Weekly Al-Anon and Sponsor meetings
  • I celebrated 1 year of my name change, Anita Lorraine MOORE in the house!
  • I taught a Summer course with ACC – it was an online course, I had 27 students and most of them did very well
  • At Otter and Elk, the new gift/general sundries store in Saxapahaw, I’ve been doing two-hour tarot reading sessions, even doing couples readings!
    Sewing has come into my life as a way to also earn money for the album! I’ve been hemming curtains, pants, dresses, making pillow shams… the list is ever growing!
    The Tuesday #SurrenderingToTheSacred weekly video series has come to an end and I am going to be compiling all of them and putting them together on YouTube, hopefully, a little video concert!
    Recording in the studio with Mark has transformed my attitude about recording. While we have had to work around our schedules, the songs we’ve finished so far are absolutely magical. I’ve added three-part harmonies to several songs; we’ve added some la la las and oooos to some. There are some haunting sounds, some happy, some ethereal and some heartbreaking sounds coming out of our work together. I had no idea the potential for my songs and will take this into consideration in my future (and current) song writing.
  • We’ve reached over half-way to the fundraising goal! Check out the fundraiser here, where you can read the story about how Surrendering To The Sacred came to be born:


      • I truly can’t thank all of you enough for your generous donations and your support of this amazing project. When this album is finished, I can’t wait to share it with you!
  • Physical therapy has been an ongoing, weekly endeavor after the doctor okayed my healing process. Brad and Margaret at Kernodle Clinic in Burlington (in fact, the whole crew over there of physical therapists) have been wonderful and I enjoy going. The process of working an ankle after micro fracture surgery has been fascinating.
  • We moved! Next door! My roommate and I moved to the house next door in Saxapahaw and are super happy with the new set-up. Pepita the cat likes it too!
  • Counseling sessions have been few and far between since my therapist has been on vacation. Luckily she’s back and I am grateful to have been able to go see her last week. Living life is better for me knowing I have someone objective and confidential I can speak with about what’s going on in my life, heart, and mind. I think everyone should have a counselor. Mental health is the most important thing in our lives aside from our physical health. Through my therapy, I have learned to prioritize my self-care and to exercise boundaries in a healthy and honoring way with myself and with others. I have also learned that I have come a long way and with the help of the Sacred Spirit within me, resilience and that it is good to feel proud of my accomplishments (when I can remember them.) *yay*
  • This fall, I will be officiating at least one, if not two weddings. I LOVE marrying people. When a dear friend asked me to become an officiant to marry him and his wife, I was reluctant, mostly because of my tenuous relationship with “God”. Now, I am filled with gratitude to have agreed to his request. The Sacredness of Union is so beautiful. I’m honored to be a part of people’s matrimony, it’s a priceless joy to me.
  • Next week, I start my 10th year with Democracy Matters. I’ll have 14-15 interns to train in professional rabble-rousing on their campuses. This year I will be working with students at SUNY Purchase, Univ Georgia Athens, North Carolina Central University, University of Florida – Gainesville, Guilford College, NC State, New College of Florida, Gettysburg College, George Washington University, Roanoke College, Simmons University, and Ramapo College.
  • The following week, I begin teaching my 3rd semester at Alamance Community College teaching Critical Thinking. I will have up to four classes (depending on which ones fill up).
  • Next week I go for my 12th week checkup with the doctor to check on my ankle! I’m looking forward to checking in and showing him how far I’ve come and to see if I’m on the right track. I still can’t jump or take off running or kick (no swimming) or do all the yoga poses… My range of motion has greatly improved, but it’s not yet at 100%. SOON!!

So that’s it for the crazy updates! I look forward to writing and sharing with y’all on Tuesdays again! Upcoming shows are listed below!

  • August 18th – Opening for Paperhand Puppet Theatre! – 6:10pm @ Forest Theater, Chapel Hill
  • Songwriter Showcase w/Tim Smith @ Imbibe, Chapel Hill, NC
  • EmCeeing Blue Bear Music Festival, Todd, NC
  • September 10th – Opening for Rickolus (all the way from sunny Jacksonville, Florida touring with his new album “Archways”!) – @ The Cave, Chapel Hill
  • September 14th – Playing for the Furry Friends Benefit (details TBA)


#LivingQueryOfTheWeek – Have you read any of Toni Morrison’s books?

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