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10th song video release tonight!

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“At The End Of The Day” ~ 10th song on my upcoming album: #SurrenderingToTheSacred ~ If you like what you hear, please consider donating!

Went back into the studio last week, magical stuff happening!

(sorry y’all, got caught up in grading papers I forgot to post at 9 o’clock!)

#WeeklySongSeries Thank you ALL for your support of this music, it means the world to me.

Remember forgiveness, sharing, and equal access to life, real liberty and happiness.

You are beautiful and a work of art. We ALL deserve this: #SurvivingToThriving #Overcome #SurrenderingToTheSacred #SexualAbuseSurvivor #MusicSavedMe #SelfLove #Determination #HelpFromOthers #Therapy #AlAnon #ChooseToLiveYourDream

Thank you @ChristineClifton for videoing!


Facebook post with video!!

Author: Anita Lorraine Moore

Woman, musician, teacher, poet, painter, ordained minister, tarot reader, artist, seamstress. I work for justice & I talk politics and religion at the dinner table.

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