As the Moon grows to darkness

I tap my foot to the music above

the heart throbbing below

The heart of this moment,

the heart of these messages,

of Earth

Tapping in, jumping into still water

Counting every ripple from above, hovering

The spider shakes her shimmering web,

All will feel it ~

From her… to what she catches

Catch, consume, escape

by chance of sacred Divine…

You were supposed to be free

you are supposed to fly

Justice catches us, compels us

Understand effects

Effects of our people

Our culture

Our system

Our breastfed fathers

Our negligent mothers

We live out these dreams

We call in our strengths…

if we know what’s good for us

Only in hindsight can we, truly

Speak the language of the passing clouds

The knowing,

The acceptance,

The liminal, everlasting momentary

guarantee keeps me

projects me into the wheel, the void, the Fool

again ~

into eternal Release

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