TuesDayNewsDay Vol 2. Issue 3 January 29 2019

TuesDayNewsDay Vol 2. Issue 3 January 29 2019

“Our relationships are divine assignments the Spirit creates; a laboratory to teach us…” – First heard this from my new roommate, she credits Marianne Williamson (who also happens to be running for President in 2020) could you imagine a person so eloquent and thoughtful in the Oval Office? President Obama sure was eloquent, but I still have my own critiques of that presidency…

Songs: Pyramids by my friend Adron from Atlanta, GA. Her song has been stuck in my mind for several days now. My favorite line: “If I start to suck somewhat, just remember this, pyramids really exist…”. She’s gorgeous and so amazingly talented.

Let it be Me, by Ray Lamontagne has also been slinking into my heart these days. This song is so beautiful. I’ll listen to this instead of chasing. How about that? 🙂 (My dear friend Ben was working on Ray’s house up in Vermont doing wrought iron work. I miss Ben.)

Thanks to a friend, the song “Poor Unfortunate Souls” from the Little Mermaid has also been rattling around in here for the last few days. It was sung by Pat Carroll – AMAZING VOICE: She looks fun doesn’t she? YES!

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=g5RcUH_Sx08 Pyramids – Adron

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LWpw3CMCEg Let It Be Me – Ray

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gi58pN8W3hY Ocean Octo-Witch Ursula (one of my favorite bad girl characters.)

Dedication: This issue goes out to two very special individuals, two of my oldest friends. Jill Boogie and Paul Kerr. Jill and I have been best friends for years and this I the first year in many many years I was unable to celebrate her birthday with her due to moving and work. Paul and I have been friends for just about as long as Jill and I and his birthday was also this week. Jill and I are both 20s (I was born on February 20th, she on January 20th) and Paul on the 26th. I seem to have a special affinity for Aquarians… you buncha sweethearts. Happy birthday y’all~!

Dear Humans, Boy have the last two weeks been insane. I’ve been moving, helping dear Maggie move and paint her new crib, therapy, teaching and prepping for teaching, shows, focused ankle healing, forgetting to meditate, writing poetry, drinking tons of coffee, Democracy Matters is now in full swing and all my students’ weekly phone calls are set and scheduled, I’ve broken toilets, hearts, myself (clumsiness), and remembered the whole time that I really want to get my shit together! Ha ha! Don’t we all? That should be my query for the week; how do all of you have your shit together? Kidding.

I finally had a second to get my guitar out and sing a few songs a few days ago. It felt so good to put my fingers on the strings… a few songs later, I was remiss in not playing for several weeks. OUCH~! Where are my calluses?? The Tom Waits Cabaret was absolutely the best! Each song had a different flair. There were many singers and bands who were magical!! I saw Curtis Eller play for the first time, woweee he’s like a white, banjo playing Count Basie! (In his style, he feathers the song with notes in appropriate places instead of filling in all the spaces with notes. I really like that kind of style. It gives me peace. Not to disparage all of you electric guitarists out there who ramble on for several minutes while the rest of us are smiling and nodding, smiling and nodding… but I digress.). There is another chance for you to see the Cabaret in Durham at Arcana (it’s downtown, underground, cool little place.) https://www.facebook.com/events/767700680277440/

Had that thing happen where my self-care dropped off while I was busy doing things. I now have a cough and a cold. Also had an episode of hives yesterday! My body is saying, “Grrrrrrrrrl you need to get your shit together and practice your self-love tools!” So in listening to that voice, today I wrote letters, one of my favorite things to do. I am going to New York to the national Democracy Matters conference to teach about 85 students who will be attending about how we plan to get money out of politics and build a more democratic future with the federal HR1 bill, check it out here and sign on man, call your reps and senators! SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY!!

Lastly, I will add that I have several bookies to do house concerts that will be coming up over the next couple of months. I’ll list them here as I confirm with these amazing friends of mine who believe in my voice.

Love you all, thank you for being part of my world. Thank you Sacred Spirit for making me happier than I’ve ever been.



#LivingQueryOfTheWeek – those of you who meditate, how the hell do you do it if you have SERIOUS ADD? Find something else? Walking helps me but I cant cause of this ankle boot. HOW can I find some inner calm… I’m searching.

Last 2 weeks in pictures:

Today’s sunset… breathtaking A poem I found for Maggie – nesting in her new home.A picture I took of our flowers on the kitchen table today.Letters I sent off, that’s not all of ’em…Gonna try this…

Couldn’t agree more…Pepita napping on my arm… Me not being able to nap.Lovely poem in a book a dear friend let me borrow to peruse.Broken toilets. That’s right, more than one…The madness that was my room.A memory from last year. Love that ring.Books I donated to the Social Justice Exchange, books from my studies at Appstate and from SIT Graduate Institute in my Social Justice program. Also just books that I bought to read to understand more about how I can exist in this world being an activated ally and witness to the everyday injustices.Damn right? How many mouths could we feed? A scary hand.Acceptance of what is and what must be.The crew (Radar’s Clowns of Sedation) with DALE singing Time from the Rain Gods album. Holy crap they did an amazing job.

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