Unceasing unending

The heart knows its journey

An unceasing search for love

An unwavering tether to a quest unending

Seems when it’s found, for me then I get lost

Don’t know what to do when the goings are good

When something feels so right, I doubt its rightness, there is no trust of self

I begin to see the flaws

I begin to feel there is carpet under my feet rather than solid ground

All I could count on was uncertainty

Perhaps the paradox is my sentencing

I feel yearning for fulfillment

Through unspoken understanding

Some may call it undeveloped emotional maturity

Yeah this is who I am

A child habitual reflex

response to daily perpetuation of unknown

This is why I search

Why I dig

Why I can’t stop learning

It’s a forever that gives me calm when none can be found

If I can explain it

I can understand it

I can rise above it

I can learn to live with the inevitable

Have you ever felt this way?

despite the joy you feel, there is a bottomless cup longing to be filled?

And there is never enough – or there hasn’t been yet…

I know for once, I am worthy

I feel at last I am deserving of love

Just as all the rest of you

Yet now, the puzzle is the remembering

“But you’ve come so far”

That divine voice came from somewhere in my depths

Perhaps it is the love for which I seek

I want to believe it’s within me not without.

There’s Jesus

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