All Those Pieces of Paper

All those pieces of paper

spread out across the floor

stuffed in nooks and crannies

ideas of something more


Those words are bits of spirit

I caught along the way

fleeting moments drifted through my fingers onto paper

all yearning to be sung and played


I’m on the road to make them

to free them from one-dimensional space

let them pass into ears and hearts

giving this Spirit what its longing to say


Craving an outlet of voice and song

where electricity meets the bone

where the sunrise catches my breath

after being gone for so long, the seeds, now they are sewn


Bless this spacious and long-time confined heart

she’s still standing in her self-built cage

the door has been opened, through magic and prayer

letting in the light, sound – let it out, and not backstage!


Go – down into that story and shine

for the sun longs for nothing, brightens our whole world

sustains us all night, bright and stormy

yet, it must have the Moon mirroring in her journey


Be the mirror, the magical orb of night

the sensual tug of oceans, aeons ago – jump in, every time

take one step then the next then the next

let it shine, like Mr. Byrd said, remember T-Rex?


You came from feathery giants and now stand on their shoulders

simply herd those transmissions, spin them as you get older

don’t box them up and in – allow not for dusty dogma, for they are mayhem!

just like your story, they took time to grow – remember love, you must cultivate them


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