Self-Love Deficit Disorder, a term I can understand better than codependency

Like I said earlier, the term codependency really pissed me off. Even still after realizing that it is something that I certainly struggle with, and that I readily and finally admit that I exude. (in fact they gave me a whole new understanding of myself that was super liberating.) in my research I came across this man Ross Rosenberg who talks about it in a different light. For those of you who are learning about this for the first time just like me, this may be a more acceptable understanding than the seeming harshness of the term codependency. He discusses the fact that there are two types of people who come out of traumatic childhoods, codependence and narcissists. I believe you can insert lots of different types of parents including alcoholics, negligent self-absorbed, compulsive, mentally ill, etc. that create these types of children who turn into adults. That said, here’s a podcast introducing the term self-love deficit disorder.

Also, here’s a song that I’ve written and many of you have not heard. I wrote it about a year and a half ago. Sometimes I feel like it’s full of shit and sometimes I feel like it’s the essence of life. Giving into Love, whatever that looks like…


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