“feeling blessed” poem for today

Today there was talk about blessings and I put in my two cents, since really our opportunities could be considered blessings, but also the fact that we’re here at all could be considered one too.  In thinking of this, here is my poem for today:

As I sleep in a warm, soft bed, entangled within the legs and arms of my loved one

a blessing sweeps over me, a feeling of great divinity.

As I walk into a dangerous situation, knowing I may be arrested or even killed, fighting for equal rights,

a blessing sweeps over me, a feeling of great divinity

It gives me pause, to think those two moments can give me the same divine realization.

I pray for love and courage to be realized every day, every moment, for every one in their situations.

To realize we are a unit, not a cluster of individuals – Make your eyes see one big Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Whoopie who We could be!

Sliding into the waves you see?

We could change the way We treat We!

Maya AngelouNelson Mandela

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