A Visitation

There’s always magic when you’re falling in love

and when LIMG_0415ove has fallen from your grasp

Magic revisits, uninvited, wearing grief as its mask

Just to remind you of all the eternities

the ones you’ve lived and the ones you’re yet to know

that Magic never left, and Love was the seeds you’ve sewn

Yes, Magic comes when you’re falling in love

Like frost comes to tell stories of Winter’s return

Let us all live as if we’re falling in love

with the wonder and the lust and the wanderlust

Let all the Magic in, conscious of it, kneading it and thanking it, placing it

into your every moment.  Every moment.

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  1. The Magic is always there, sometimes wearing a slinky disguise… Sometimes it has fallen into such deep slumber, that You must conger it up, especially during those time betwixt and between falling in Love and when Love has slipped out of Your grasp. No One knows when or why…


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