Rock and Rolling

Baby, it’s cold outside.  The rain’s pattering down and it’s nearly freezing out there.  Two days ago it was in the high 70s and I was on my roof taking a sun bath.

I played a rock and roll show last night that was ahh-may-zing with Pete Pawsey, my old friend and dear host.  He asked me to play a set to open for the Radar’s Clowns of Sedation (the band he sings and plays with) and sing a few songs worth of harmony in their set.  The band was SO good! Gratitude is emanating from my memory banks for everyone’s energy and on-point-ness, and of course Pete’s on-bar crooning….  Excellent drums, guitar, bass, Pete (whatever the hell he was doing on guitar) and mandolin! I enjoyed the show for its raw nectar quality and the glimpse into a group I’d only sang with a few times shining like dark, purple star shine into the bar and onto and into the people in it.

My set was extremely fun, I played the old Danelectro and it sounded just right (surprisingly, since it used to belong to Jimmy Brad, amazing the thing doesn’t sound like blood and PBR).  Singing Sixteen Tons for the first time in public convinced me that I should sing that song every day.  Pulled some sort of wholly heavy ghosts from under the floor to dance with us.  Bob Johnson’s Resonator Uke showed up in the end, playing Baby It’s Cold Outside, Santa Baby, and All of Me… Yum. (“There are only two mantras, yum and yuck, mine is yum.” – Tom Robbins)

Thanks to everyone involved, last nights show was a success.  I hope to play again with those guys, maybe start up a smokey jazz band…. I’ll even sit atop the piano.  Oh yeah, and to the beautiful woman dancing burlesque at half-time: Thank you for making my night.  Singing "The Word (Came Down)" with Pete and the Clownsthe wonderful Pete Pawsey photo by Katie Dallas

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