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Ransom and a Star Bunny.

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Phil Cheney has created a draw-ering of one of my favorite humans, Ransom Hobbes. The Gorilla showcased up-top is one that belonged to Ransom and after he passed was given to me in remembrance. Ransom is one reason why I started to write, record, and play music. Thank you For creating this Philly, much love to the guitar pants, too.

Dynamic Art Gallerie

BillyWilliamRansomHobbesStarBunnyArts for and on a Monday. Billy William “Ransom” Hobbes, featuring Hobbes the Gorilla and Ahhh Lee! Star Bunny: Float the Cosmic Sea!

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Author: Anita Lorraine Moore

Woman, musician, teacher, poet, painter, ordained minister, tarot reader, artist, seamstress. I work for justice & I talk politics and religion at the dinner table.

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