Today’s Thing’s’s

Alarm, ceiling, bed, eyes, open.

Floor, feet, muscles in my arms.

Thoughts, morning.


Awake, bed, half-awake in my pajamas. (Not Frog Pajamas)

Wander, tea or coffee.  Wonder-Tea. Awake.  Really awake awake awake awake.

Phone, Tom, Yes to Way the hell out there Visit – needs for comradarie.


2nd try eggs, day 1, tomorrow not today

Jazz, ears, stomach, full.

Tin can information, static signal capture, idea, problem, fixed.

Newness, old song, learning, to teach, melody.


Exit Tom, grandmother and Phil, ears, Love.

Bathing trousers, car, Green River and string.

Tom Robbins, passing dirt-road traffic and red underpair.

Float, water, tied, sigh, smile.


Owl visit, swoop, heart salad.

Eyes, ears, longing, fly.

Stare, window, green, hoot.




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