The majesty of a silky cup

Sweetened, ever so slightly, with dark wildflower honey

Lighter than dark

I like it

With milk from hemp seeds

the concoction is perfection on my tongue

A swarm of warmth enters my mouth

Sends a thousand bees day’s work down my throat

My eyes roll b




and drift into another time

A time where first the bean’s flower sprung

Fruit growing on a tree

somewhere in India

From where these beans came to me

As I sit in this dim, morning light

Wonderment encircles me

I attempt to stay present

With this delicious cup of divine coffee

This batch is the last

for as capitalism tends to do

This estate no longer sells its beans

to good old Trader Joe’s…

a tiny tragedy for me and you

Preparing for grading and lesson planning

sending my students on their way

Into this crazy world of diseases, illegal federal abductions and dismay

The coffee helps me feel more alive

and give them all my best

For in despair, I choose not to stay

I must drink coffee…

and wake s






gently from my rest

to greet the new day