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Spiritual Services

I am an ordained minister and intuitive tarot reader, in addition to singing and playing music, rabblerousing and teaching. If you are interested in either of these services, please feel free to holler. ❤

For tarot card readings

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For marriages, funerals, and other sacred ceremonies:

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45 minute Individual Reading: We will ground together & create a sacred space, briefly discuss your question or topic, I will choose an appropriate card spread for you & lay the cards out for you to choose from. You choose your cards. I will tell you the story I see & answer your inquiry through the messages & themes told in the cards. We will look into where you are presently & the active course you’ll need to take to get to what is next for you according to the cards’ guidance. You will leave the readings with a clear vision, a validated existence, & prepared to make the necessary shifts in your evolution. Many messages will affirm what you already know. Some messages may give you pause to take a step back & evaluate your existing path/choices/decisions. We will discuss how to incorporate what you’ve learned from the reading & into your life. You don’t have to have a specific question for our reading, but do have a theme we can focus on. Blessings. (There are 15min included for processing time.) 🙂