Musician devoted to Justice, Creativity, and Courage

Props to human musicians I love

RANSOM – My favorite blues man, still singing amongst all his loving and remembering earth angels. RIP Love.
John Saylor Songwriter extraordinaire, open-mic aficionado, major inspiration for me for many many years
Phil Cheney’s Beautiful and Awe-Inspiring Arts of Yore! Love!!
Tom Woodbury – It is a joyous pleasure to play music with him, I’m honored to know him.. and laugh, & play… Oh look! A Shiny thing!
C.C. and her beautiful, hilarious One-Woman Amazing Show!
The Usta B’s – part of my family, Ant and LuLu helped me record my first demo CD!
Todd takes perty pictures. 🙂
Rorey Carroll – Her voice enraptures me.
The Ralph Roddenberry Band – A treasure of delight, fun, and heart – gods and goddesses weep at the sound of your guitar. I wept too.
Baby Gramps – Magical Whimsical Down and Dirty Blues Man of the World – Talk about Wobble Wobble Head on a Ghost Train!

Crystal Bright and The Silver Hands – Mama’s playin’ the squeezebox and Daddy’s up ALL night

To the amazing Roger Gupton, this song is so beautiful!

Violet Bell – The amazing duo of Lizzy Ross and Omar Ruiz-Lopez –

Lipbone Redding!




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