Musician devoted to Justice, Creativity, and Courage

about anita

Anita is a teacher, artist and professional rabblerouser. She/her/hers: honors Nature and Magic and the Sacred Source from which we have all sprung. She does not tolerate violence, racism, bigotry, abuse or injustice of any kind, as they are all tools of an oppressive system designed to take down what is Good and Wild in this world for the sake of greed and power, perpetuated by rich, White/male supremacy. She works only for the highest Good and in the best interest the oppressed.
Anita performs indie-folk/country with wide-ranging vocals and a classic yet unique, intimate and heart-warming song-writing style.

Anita writes intimate music born of her experience, desires, candle-lit darkness and dreams. Inspired by folk, classic country, jazz and blues, her voice is tangy and sweet; it comforts and can also bring you tears. Woman, musician, teacher, poet, ordained minister, emcee, tarot reader, artist, sewing is also a meditative passion. Anita works for the struggle for justice & talks politics and religion at the dinner table.

β€œMusic saved my life and lifted me above abuse. I want to show the world, or at least my little world, that you can survive abuse and oppression and still come out with a smile and a story from which you learned invaluable lessons.”

“Patsy Cline meets Nancy Sinatra but with more sass” – Tom Woodbury ( of Brattleboro, VT.

From Alamance County, (NC) Anita was born a singer. She sang in the backseat, the bathtub, choirs and churches and started writing poetry in middle school.
Songwriting started sometime in 2003 after having been introduced to John Saylor who hosted the famous First Tuesday open-mic at the Cave in Chapel Hill, NC.  Years later in July 2008, Ransom Hobbes and I were singing jazz standards together and vowed to record an album because the moment was so magical.  The microphone was literally tied to a mic stand while fireworks were booming in the distance.  The music that came from his national resonator and our voices changed everything…  Unfortunately, we were never able to make good on that vow because only a few months later, we lost Ransom in a brutal murder and fire.  Out of sorrow, I wrote a song.  It was my first real song, the “Changin’ Time Blues”  It was a love song, inspired by Ransom and an old tune my Grandpa used to sing, “Walk Through This World With Me” by George Jones.
Music tells a story.
I used to record the radio onto tape cassettes so I wouldn’t miss any new music when I was young. All I can say now is that we need to all keep our ears and hearts open to new music, brave, live music.  ❀
This is a speech I spoke to the audience before playing a show:

Performance arts are SACRED to me!!

Who has ever been scared to talk, sing, or play in front of people??

It can be SCARY to put yourself out there; I’m shaking in my boots every time I play.

One of my hero songwriters, Jonathan Byrd says even HE has fears about performing!!

It is natural, normal and totally okay to be afraid and to doubt yourself. 

We can all be courageous though, and shine our lights in BOLD and CREATIVE ways! 

As a songwriter, I look up to Jonathan Byrd… it’s hard not to, he’s 8 feet tall.  

For him to admit a primal fear on stage, in front of EVERYONE, is exactly how I see our world changing for the better.  

Sharing our vulnerabilities…

COURAGE to stand up for what’s right, even if we’re scared!

So SING and PLAY your hearts out!

Music saved my life.  It can save yours too.  

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